Good nutrition is a foundation of good health, and what you eat every day matters. Each woman’s journey to vibrant health is unique, but you don't need to travel alone.

You can live a healthier and more energized life with a program of effective nutrition and lifestyle elements designed just for you.

With a personal coach and nutrition consultant, you can get support to take steps towards sustainable improvements, discover wonderful foods, shift underlying imbalances, and relax into a mindful approach to conscious eating. Together we will establish your path to wellbeing.

Our services are designed to educate, guide and empower you to meet your body’s unique needs and your heart’s desires.

Our work together may address other aspects of a nourishing life: reducing stress; engaging in physical activity you truly enjoy; expressing creativity; and having more fun. All of this is part of your holistic diet!

Let’s begin with an initial consultation to discuss your health history, your current concerns and goals, and how our work together can benefit you.

One-on-One Wellness Counseling

Private sessions support your health and life goals as you discover the best foods and lifestyle choices for you.

Seasonal Cleanse and Weight Loss Programs

Guided group rejuvenation journeys

With nutritional guidance and support, your personal cleanse will help break old bad habits and develop new and healthier ones.

Natural Bone Health Counseling & Classes

Offering Nutrition and Lifestyle Strategies to prevent or reverse Osteopenia and Osteoporosis.

Upcoming Events

Our workshops, programs and presentations provide a supportive, interactive environment to learn about health and wellness, providing guidance to making the changes you want.