"I want to praise Cheryl Berkowitz for her amazing class on bone health. I learned a lot about the links between nutrition and bone health as well as the value and shortcomings of the available diagnostics.”

Olivia Parr-Rud,
MS, Business Intelligence Strategist,
Statistician, Author,
Spiritual Activist, OLIVIAGroup

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Live Your Authentic Life

Live Your Authentic Life: Discover Your Unique Direction

"The authentic self is soul made visible."  Sarah Ban Breathnach

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"  Mary Oliver, The Summer Day

There is nothing wrong with you. You are simply on your journey with its twists and turns towards living your authentic life.

Unless you grew up with parents or powerful mentors who recognized, encouraged and supported your genuine gifts, yearnings and potentials, you may be living on someone else's terms -- be it family, teachers, or religious or cultural norms. Or you may be living in the safety of habit, afraid to squarely face who you are and what holds you back from being fully alive. Perhaps your challenges have left you feeling like a victim and you've contracted and protected yourself from taking further risks. You just got stuck in fear.

Whether living with the trappings of success, the illusion of failure, or a heart that yearns for something more, you have now reached a point where your need for deeper authenticity has emerged. It may have been prompted by a deeply altering year of pandemic; by the unexpected loss of a job; by a health, relationship or financial crisis; or by some other seeming derailment. Or it may have been prompted by an increasingly insistent sense that you're not happy with how your days are spent, or that you have something to give to this world that hasn't yet found its expression.

It's okay! You are now on your way home to yourself. And it's never too late to be transformed by expansion and insight. Prepare to connect with your heart and its yearnings, and to tap into the inspiration, courage, and support you need to move forward to be exactly who and what you are. 

The Process

In our process together, you will find a safe and caring container to share your feelings, concerns, confusions, frustrations, yearnings, and an emerging vision for your work and life. Here you can sort out your own true ideals from those you learned to believe were yours.

Whether you're currently working, unemployed, have inklings about what you're here to express, or have no idea, we'll move forward to elicit your true direction. Together we'll explore how to discover and express an authentic reflection of your heart's knowing.

Among the tools for discovery and action are:

Cultivating presence and deep acceptance

Guiding questions and experiential exercises to connect you with your heart and soul

Recognizing voices of doubt, self-criticism, shoulds, shouldn'ts, or other naysaying thoughts

Deconstructing self-limiting beliefs

Calming and strengthening your nervous system

Honoring your emerging vision and focusing on it

Engaging spiritual allies

Taking concrete, practical action

You will identify and affirm your true joys, gifts and talents; meet your percieved limitations with compassion, tenderness and love; and discover ways to move through fear and self-limiting beliefs. You will take actionable steps throughout our time together. And you will emerge from this process with greater clarity about your direction, renewed inspiration, and the courage to live your authentic life.

I'll be with you all the way!