"Cheryl recently presented a very comprehensive in-service on “Natural Bone Health” to 30 home health aides at Collective Home Care, Inc. She shared the most current info on bone health with amazing knowledge. She immediately put the Collective staff at ease by making it accessible and fun. It was very valuable and applicable info for not only the staff but for their clients as well. The staff has requested that Cheryl come back to tackle a new topic! We can’t wait to have her back!"

Mary Whiston
RN Clinical Director
Collective Home Care
South Deerfield, MA

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Spring Cleanse and Weight Loss - A Guided & Supportive Rejuvenation Journey

  • Are you having trouble breaking free from unhealthy eating habits?
  • Do you have sugar & carbohydrate cravings that you can't seem to get a handle on?
  • Would you like to lose some weight, including stubborn belly fat?
  • Would you like to do a health-promoting cleanse with guidance & support?

With the help of a cleanse, it actually doesn't take very long to break habits that are not supporting you & to develop new & healthier ones. A gentle cleanse in the spring is wonderful for body, mind & spirit.

Frequently, by the time this short cleanse is over, various symptoms may disappear or diminish - food cravings, digestive complaints, constipation, headaches, arthritis, aches and pains, fatigue, skin issues, fluid retention, mental fog, irritability, insomnia, mild depression and anxiety are likely to shift for the better. And eating patterns that have been hard to break frequently fade away.

This gentle & effective cleanse is designed to reset your metabolism, balance hormones & blood sugar, & gently cleanse the body.

  • Receive simple guidelines & lots of support to ensure success
  • Enjoy satisfying food options complete with plenty of REAL food: lean protein, legumes, vegetables, fruit, nuts,  plenty of good fats, plus delicious detox smoothies
  • Plus optional relaxing detox baths and other stress-reduction tips
  • All designed to help you flush fat & detox while nourishing & balancing yourself & improving overall wellness. 
  • All in a unique context of support including check-ins with Cheryl & a powerful buddy system between sessions. 
  • And with a mindfulness based approach to enhance your success.

To learn more and talk about how this program can benefit you, contact Cheryl to arrange a time to talk.

Sessions will include: the handout materials you need to thrive; the steady guidance & support you need throughout the clenase to optimize results & transition to a healthy way of eating once your cleanse has ended; time to share & support each other.

2-Week Program for Women
Thursdays, April 27, May 4, 2017
Convenient Northampton location disclosed upon registration
Investment: $129 

What people are saying about their cleanse experience with Cheryl

“I'm 67 years old. This was my first cleanse. I was delighted to find a warm and caring support group, a commonsense diet, delicious recipes,  and  a skilled and responsive facilitator. Cheryl Berkowitz is a joy. Her clarity, insight, skill and kindness, not to mention an awesome sense of humor, offered me the chance to get back on track with my diet. Now that I’m eating better, I feel better. I highly recommend Cheryl Berkowitz for nutrition and lifestyle coaching. I’ve been around for a long time. It’s my pleasure to say that Cheryl Berkowitz is the best in her field.”

Cecelia Staryos, Traditional Japanese Reiki Teacher and Practitioner, Stone Mountain Reiki

"I first met Cheryl Berkowitz during the easy and effective two-week cleanse group she offered, and have stayed connected to and interested in her work ever since.  My personal experience was positive – the tools and skills I took from the sessions have helped me significantly mitigate persistent inflammation resulting from Lyme Meningitis. Plus – I just feel lighter.  I was able to change some habits and create new ones; and working with a group provided the structure and support I needed.  Cheryl is knowledgeable, accessible, and caring.  Her approach is solidly research-based and easily individualized to the unique needs of each participant.  I highly recommend a cleanse group experience for those women ready to stick a toe into the morass of health related options – this one is a win/win."

Marianne Reiff, PhD, Education and Training/Adult Learning and Development

"I have been very pleased with the results of the cleanse thus far and feel better than I have felt in a long time.  Weight loss is a wonderful benefit. Hunger occurs much less often and cravings are down, especially sweets and bread.  I am much less congested, using my Flonase infrequently, and snoring is way down (husband very pleased).  Rings are all fitting better. The best part is the lack of ankle swelling in the evenings.  The group experience was new for me but I have to admit that I really liked doing it with a buddy. This is a very do-able program, the cleanse aspect naturally leading to some beneficial lifestyle modification."

Halina Wiczyk MD, Reproductive Endocrinologist, Baystate Medical Center

"Cheryl's knowledgeable, mindfulness-based approach offered me the support I needed to shift my eating into new patterns that truly nourish me. I feel vibrant, energetic, and healthy now! I really appreciate how transformative Cheryl's work is. I wholeheartedly recommend working with her!"

Tracie Nichols, M.A., Transformative Mentor, Aromatherapy Educator, Alchemy for the Earth

“I'm so glad to have participated in Cheryl's Spring Cleanse Program! Cheryl's warmth, knowledge and sense of humor made a world of difference, as did the structure, safety and support she provided through our weekly group meetings and check-in emails. I ate well, was never hungry, and ended the program with a recommitment to cooking and eating more mindfully. I know I will benefit in so many ways from this experience, not the least of which is my health!”

Dorel Shanon, Organizational Development Consultant, Dorel Shanon Consulting

“Two months after the program, I’ve lost 18 pounds. I’ve also lost the craving for sugar and carbs. And I no longer have post-nasal drip, which was chronic before doing this program. Maybe the best part of all is that I’m consistently able to make more mindful food choices paying attention to my thoughts, feelings and to what my body really needs. Cheryl is knowledgeable, has a keen sense of humor and a wonderful way of making healthy eating come together in the context of modern life.”

Helene Feldman, President, Helene Feldman Inc., Elder Care Management

“Cheryl was the perfect guide for the Spring Cleanse. She truly cares and wants everyone to be successful, and her approach is very gentle. She understands that changing the way we eat is a huge undertaking for some of us. I highly recommend working with Cheryl.”

Jane Weiss, Organizational Development Consultant, Jane Weiss Consulting

“I found the Cleanse/Detox program to be extremely helpful. It assisted me in making an about face, much desired but hard to do, in my habits with eating and comforting myself. I lost a tremendous amount of bloat in the first five days, and have continued to feel "cleaner" and healthier in the month since I began. I highly recommend this to people who want to stop and reconsider their relationship to eating. I have lost 12 lbs. thus far and intend to continue to eat in this new and exciting way.”

Jean Hunt, City-Wide Youth Development Coordinator

“I lost 6-7 pounds on the cleanse, and inches off my bust, waist and hips. My nails got stronger than they have been in 10 years. After the first few days I had no food cravings, and never felt hungry. I slept like a baby, and felt calmer, with a stronger sense of well-being. The support of the group, the laughter, and the sharing went a long way toward making the cleanse journey easier and more fun. Now that the cleanse is over, it’s much easier to continue with better eating habits.”

Nancy Ignatin, Clinical Social Worker/Yoga Teacher