"I want to praise Cheryl Berkowitz for her amazing class on bone health. I learned a lot about the links between nutrition and bone health as well as the value and shortcomings of the available diagnostics.”

Olivia Parr-Rud,
MS, Business Intelligence Strategist,
Statistician, Author,
Spiritual Activist, OLIVIAGroup

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Now that winter hibernation is over, how would you like your life to unfold this spring? Would you like to break some habits? Clean up your eating? Let go of some stress? Do more physical movement? Create something entirely new? I hope my spring offerings can help.

Private Spring Cleanse Programs

I have facilitated group cleanse programs for the past 10 years. This spring I’ll be offering private cleanse programs only.

A seasonal cleanse is wonderful for body, mind and spirit. And spring is the perfect season to do a cleanse! With the help of a cleanse, you can let go of long-standing habits that are not supporting you and develop new and healthier ones. Hard to break eating patterns frequently fade away. A cleanse helps to reveal exactly which foods you’ve been reacting to so you can resolve previously hidden food sensitivities.

By decreasing inflammation and resetting the body's metabolism, you may lose 5-20 pounds plus inches. Various physical, mental and emotional symptoms may disappear or diminish – including sugar and carbohydrate cravings, blood sugar imbalances, digestive complaints, constipation, headaches, arthritis, aches and pains, fatigue, skin issues, mental fog, irritability, insomnia and anxiety.

Your personal cleanse is designed to help you shed toxins, balance hormones, decrease inflammation, and improve organ function while nourishing and balancing yourself and improving overall wellness. 

Once we discuss your health history and your goals, we can customize a cleanse for you and your individual needs. Every cleanse program will include regular check-ins to keep you on track and support your process.

Mild, moderate, or deep cleanse protocols

2, 3 or 4 week programs

$240-$425, depending on your programIn-person, by phone or Skype


Soulful Companion Walks along the Mill River

What's on your mind and heart? Would you like an open-minded, open-hearted, impartial and compassionate companion to share with? 

This is your time to be listened to, to be received with presence and caring attention. I can purely listen. Or I can listen and respond without giving advice. Or I can make suggestions if you'd like. You set the parameters for our time together. 

Bring your:

Health Concerns * Life Concerns * Stress * Big Questions

In the context of Nature. Movement. Oxygen. Relaxation. Beauty. Expansion.

Your walking partner:

Nutrition Educator for 12 years * Certified Holistic Health Counselor for 12 years * Polarity Therapist for 25 years * Mindfulness Practitioner for 33 years * Walker for 60 years * Human for 61 years

40 or 60 minute walks

Suggested sliding scale: $20-$70


I look forward to our time together!
To your heath!