The Benefits of a Gentle Seasonal Cleanse

by Cheryl Berkowitz, CHHC, CHC

There are many reasons to undertake a seasonal cleanse for renewal of body, mind and spirit. Depending on health status, for those who have never done a cleanse, a gentle approach is usually recommended, one that will readily set us on a sustainable path to a balanced way of eating.

Why Do A Cleanse?

Essentially, our bodies are required to process the many toxins we encounter in food, medications, the environment, and even in by-products of our own biological functions. When detoxification channels are functioning well, we are able to rid the body of toxins or neutralize them.

Those who eat well and live a healthy lifestyle will certainly benefit from doing a seasonal cleanse. Those whose daily diet and lifestyle habits are not particularly supportive of good health have a greater need to undertake a cleanse and will likely reap significant benefits.

If we spend years eating processed, denatured foods with high amounts of sodium and sugar as well as poor quality fats, and couple this behavior with overeating, eventually our detoxification systems and elimination channels will become overburdened. Rather than being able to properly eliminate toxins, we may have toxins trapped and recycling through our bodies, which may ultimately lead to chronic and serious health problems.

If we are hooked on sugar, white flour and caffeine, we may find ourselves in a vicious cycle of cravings, and eating in a balanced healthy way may be quite difficult. However, with the help of a cleanse, we can let go of long-standing habits that are not supporting us and develop new and healthier ones. Hard-to-break eating patterns frequently fade away for the long term.

By decreasing inflammation and resetting the body's metabolism through a gentle cleanse, we may lose pounds plus inches as our bodies reconfigure. Various physical, mental and emotional symptoms may diminish or disappear as well -- including imbalanced cholesterol, digestive complaints, constipation, headaches, arthritis, aches and pains, fatigue, skin issues, mental fog, irritability, insomnia and anxiety. By the end of a cleanse, we may find we have more energy, greater clarity and an improved sense of wellbeing.

If so inclined, a cleanse offers a golden opportunity to investigate the emotional causes of our cravings and develop deeper self-awareness. Likewise, as we alleviate some of the burdens on our internal organs through a cleanse, emotions held within these organs may surface. Though not always easy, this is a wonderful opportunity to cleanse old debris in the emotional body.

Improving Elimination, the Liver and the Lymph

A good cleanse will help alleviate stress from the GI tract, considered by many natural health care practitioners to be the first line of overall defense in maintaining good health. The GI tract needs to be functioning well for optimal health. We need the right balance of good bacteria in the colon and small intestine. A good cleanse also incorporates re-populating the intestines with these bacteria so essential to health.

A cleanse incorporates foods and other strategies, including carefully chosen supplements, to enhance the health and function of the liver and lymphatic system as well as the colon.

The liver is responsible for over 400 bodily functions including digestion and assimilation of nutrients as well as detoxification. A liver clogged with toxins and fat cannot do these vitally important jobs. A gentle cleanse will do wonders to ease the burdens of the liver and help it to function more efficiently.

Frequently overlooked in many cleanse programs is the lymph system, which is a key to overall health. While the liver is a filtering organ responsible for detoxification, the lymph is a drainage system and a foundation of our immune system. Through the lymph, we drain toxins, waste products of metabolism, fat and excess fluids out of our bodies. When the lymph system is impeded, the consequences are noteworthy. Lymphedema is an accumulation of lymph in the tissues of an extremity such as an arm or leg. When not caused by a congenital condition, it is often caused by an overwhelmed lymph system. Lymphedema can also occur after the surgical removal of lymph nodes. Yet few of us know how to keep our lymph systems healthy on a regular basis.

What Are You Waiting For?

The myriad benefits of a gentle seasonal cleanse can result in your enhanced health, energy and clarity to enjoy life more and be more fruitful. After a cleanse, you will probably look great, too!

To your health!